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Sound Services LLC provides technical support to the entertainment industry, specializing in highest quality concert and event sound systems.

Sound Services LLC

Our partner company, Light Services LLC, provides highest quality stage lighting systems, as well as multi-media computer and video production packages.

Light Services LLC

We are prepared to supply your complete event production services - sound, lighting, video, technical labor - with one contact.

You may simply e-mail a description of your event (to Richard Thornton in Little Rock), and we will promptly provide you with a production bid. We accept and seek both limited scope bids (hardware and technicians only), and full-service Request for Proposal (RFP) packages involving event and show design, layout, planning and full production management.

Please include: the event date(s), venue(s), artists and/or programs, and a brief description of the related production requirements to get us started.  Larger, more complex events may require a site visit, and pre-production meeting(s), which can be arranged within the scope of services we'll provide to you..

You may refer to our generic equipment lists for large, medium and small sound system packages. Of course, we will provide the specific equipment required for your specific needs.  Bids can be simple, or involve whatever level of extensive 3-D CAD design tools and renderings you think necessary to visualize your event. This website was designed plain and simple - to provide only the basics of who we are, what we've done, and what we can do for you

The Sound Services Photo & Illustration Gallery contains photos or many examples of Arena, Outdoor, Amphitheater, Corporate, Dance and Party systems. The Gallery also includes numerous CAD illustrations and renderings that our clients use as tools during the planning of their events. The CAD drawing and renderings not only help clients visualize the final production look for their event, but are also used extensively to troubleshoot problems that would not normally be evident until the event is being set-up. These tools help committees, venues, artists and clients work through many issues, allowing all involved to enjoy a smoother and more professional event.

More than 30 years ago, we established ourselves as the best audio company in the Little Rock area.  We continue to enhance and maintain that reputation, as seen and heard routinely in high-profile events for local customers, such as:

Good work locally brought opportunities for growth and expansion around the USA, into national events and touring, such as: 

If you've got the time, you may view some images from the archives of our previous years' concert productions.

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